Videos Posted Date
All of these bucks are 2015 survivors caught on video! The phrase of the day is “TROPHY bucks for next year!” 02-01-2016
This is a really excellent video that was taken by John Cismoski while on his stand during the opening weekend of the bow season. Congratulations to John for not only getting this great buck but also getting it all on film! Check out the Cismoski bow buck video. 10-15-2015
This is a trail camera video taken in the swamp. Does this look like a bobcat caught on camera to anyone else?! 11-19-2014
This is the kind of experience we dream about all year long…and some of us are lucky enough to live it. Enjoy a true QDM hunt. 10-23-2014
Based on these hunting clips, it’s easy to see why hunters are already getting excited about the 2014 season. 06-22-2014
Here is footage of some good bucks, check them out at trail cam videos 11-17-2013. 11-17-2013
We live the motto “let them go so they can grow” and here it is in action! Watch this footage of hunters passing on good bucks so that next year they will be great! Hopefully if one of these guys walks in front of you, you will do the same. 11-14-2013
Dan Steffens wanted to share this video with the group to let everyone know that this buck was passed on. It would be great if everyone else would do the same. By next year, he’ll be a beautiful mature buck. 11-10-2013
This is almost certainly the Brian Holz buck that he bagged earlier this year. You can see a photo of that buck under the 2013 bow hunt success pictures. 11-10-2013
Wow, these are the kind of deer we want to grow and harvest! Take a look at this big buck and his little brother! 10-15-2013
This is no dumb buck. Check out the “i see you” buck. 03-03-2013