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It’s THAT time again. Here’s your first look the 2016 preseason bucks! If you have photos, don’t forget to share them with the group. Our bucks are getting bigger because we know which ones other hunters have let walk and we know which bucks are out there and worth waiting for! 09-19-2016
It can be tricky to know whether a buck is a “shooter” or not. Well, some hunters took the guessing game out of it for you. Review these shoot or don’t shoot bucks so you are prepared if they walk in front of you this season. You are encouraged to leave comments on these pictures as well if you agree or disagree. 09-13-2016
These bucks are all 2015 survivors caught on camera and will make for some nice deer for this fall! 02-01-2016
We are about one week away from opening day of the 2015 gun season and some really nice bucks are still out there! Take a look at these “2015 still lurking” bucks. 11-24-2015
Now that we are officially in bow season, many of us will start to step up our game. Check out these 2015 deer on the hoof photos for an idea of what is lurking in the woods! 09-15-2015
This was a recent submission to the website, follow the link to view the 2015 preseason action – “Well food plots are in, we got a couple ground blinds set, even got a couple trailcam pictures of some nice bucks. I have been driving around a few night this last month and seen some deer, its nice to see healthy deer and not just skinny ribcages. Just wondering what other people are up to. Hope to see more pictures posted soon.” 08-28-2015
As the hunting season ramps up, pictures continue to roll in! Take a look at the 2014 fall trail camera photos to get the latest look at some of the quality bucks that we have been managing. 11-19-2014
Congratulations to these hunters for their 2014 bow hunt success! 10-12-2014
Here is a good look at some 2014 preseason bucks! 09-08-2014
Do you believe in ghosts? How about a ghost buck? 09-08-2014
According to the DNR, this was the only collared three year old buck last year – he should be a beautiful four year old this year. If you get him on camera, please share! 09-08-2014
You’re going to want to see these survivors from the hunt. Already looking forward to next year! 12-18-2013
Here are some trail camera photos, check them out at trail cam 11-17-2013. 11-17-2013
Take a look at these trail cam bucks. 11-15-2013
Here is another sighting of this quality buck. He’s still out there! Take a look at this quality buck repeat! See the original pictures of the quality buck here. 11-10-2013
Here are some newly submitted october trailcam action photos. Thanks for sending them, and keep them coming! 11-04-2013
Looks like some lucky hunters have had some 2013 bow hunt success! 11-02-2013
Proof that quality deer management works, let’s keep growing these guys! Here are a few pictures of a quality buck! 10-15-2013
Congrats to these hunters on their 2013 youth hunt success! 10-12-2013
A few pictures of a bachelor group of two year old bucks. 10-03-2013
Take a look…is this your buck? 10-03-2013
There were 3 pictures 2 shooters recently submitted – can you figure out which ones are the shooters?! 09-19-2013
Here are pics of a buck with a deer collar and some more of another familiar face. 09-09-2013
These two big bucks make me excited bow season is only two weeks away. 08-26-2013
These are a little hazy, but you get the idea. Check out these July bucks! 08-13-2013
Here is a swamp collage of photos submitted by you all! Keep ’em coming! 05-09-2013
Some photos 2012 fall swamp pictures submitted by the Steffens party. 04-14-2013
Here are a few nice winter deer pics submitted by the Holz party. 04-13-2013