what it’s all about

This is the first video we have received capturing a successful hunt on film. I found it inspiring so I wanted to showcase it on our homepage. We are growing…


management tradition innovation

This image captures the essence of the group in more of an artistic point of view. Thanks for the contribution!


blood tracking tips

Although no hunter hopes to have a difficult blood trail to follow after hitting a deer, at some point nearly every hunter will face such a situation. We hope these…


13th annual black creek family daze parade

Black Creek Family Daze was held on Saturday, June 7th, 2014. In case you missed it, Black Creek QDM entered this year’s parade and won best float! The theme was…


it was a hard winter

This photo was submitted by Brian Thibodeau back in February. This is a doe fawn they found frozen solid in a cedar patch between Black Creek and Seymour, north of…


group feedback #2

Our group took some time out of the season this year to talk to local land owners to see how they felt our program was working. I was concerned/frustrated to…


seven reasons to stop baiting whitetails now

I think baiting for whitetails has to stop. Now. Okay, okay, before you peg me as a purist who thinks all baiters are slobs, hear me out. If you watch…


trophy or deer management?

Bigger antlered bucks just a benefit of creating healthier herd. Having different age class deer within the herd creates better genetic diversity. In the past decade, the deer hunting world…


aging deer

This is a good article that discusses how to identify the age of deer when in the woods.


a few words from brian

It’s November 8th and the activity is really heating up. I had the luxury of shooting a nice 10 point buck a while back, but I still try to get…