our story

snow-buck-1…our story begins in 1994 during a meeting of landowners within and around the Burma Swamp. It was here that the idea of “quality deer management” was first introduced and was agreed upon to be the method of management going forward. These landowners have been dedicated every day since to conditioning the land and herd of the swamp and surrounding farmland. Year after year the group has grown to trust each other and work together for a common goal…TO GROW BIG BUCKS!

To practice quality deer management means being a conscious hunter and landowner by investing in growing deer habitat and food sources to support a healthy deer herd as well as building skill and knowledge of hunting practices to cleanly bag a quality animal. If you are here, then you have heard about us and our ideas.

We encourage you to follow our progress through our pictures, videos, and discussions. Feel free to contribute to the discussions within the swamp talk page. Showcase an event or share an idea on the submit feedback page. Submit photos and videos to the group through the submit file page. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you will join us on our journey!