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what a difference a year makes

Over the past year, hunters had the opportunity to bag some pretty nice bucks…but decided to wait for the trophy! Here are some bucks that could’ve easily been shot but…


shoot or don’t shoot

It can be tricky to know whether a buck is a “shooter” or not. Well, some hunters took the guessing game out of it for you. Review these shoot or…


first look at 2016 preseason bucks

Well, it’s THAT time of the year. Photos are starting to roll in of the bucks that have lived on our corn fields and food plots all year. Check out…


don’t miss the upcoming qdm meeting!

Don’t miss the upcoming Fall QDM meeting! Expect the usual, discuss deer hunting while we enjoy a few beers. See meeting details here!


a different kind of success

This video was taken during the last day of the 2015 gun season. The hunter who shot this footage had this buck in at 25 yards while in his ground…


2016 wolf sighting

Well it looks like our wolf visitor has decided to make the Burma swamp his home for at least a little while longer. These pictures were taken on January 22nd…


bucks to let walk

Hunters have begun submitting photos and videos of quality bucks that they have made a decision not to harvest and are asking that we all do the same. We all…


another wolf sighting

There has not been much said about wolves in the area as of late. This one was captured on a trail camera in late February 2015 on the Dominiczak/Willems property…


the story of kinkers

If you have never heard of “Kinkers”, then let me tell you about him now. Kinkers is the name given to a buck who had a love for the camera….


hunter’s luck

It has been 7 weeks since the bow hunting season has begun so I thought it would be a good time to see how the season is shaping up! Before…