big buck contest

To register for the Black Creek QDM Big Buck contest, complete the form and click the “send” button.

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* Fees need to be paid at the Black Creek QDM – Fall Meeting.

Contest Rules
The rules for the Big Buck contest are as follows:

  • Entry fee is $3 per year; however if you miss a year, the next time you sign up it is a $5 charge.
  • The official scoring method is “Pope & Young Gross Score”. Click the links here for non-typical and typical downloadable whitetail score sheets.
  • To qualify, the total score needs to be 135" gross score at the winter meeting.
  • The winner will split the pot 50/50 with the club. If by chance there are two or more deer that score more than 135", the highest total score wins.
Hunter Score Photo
Roy Conrad
Dennis Dietzen
Tim Dietzen
Doug Dominiczak
Larry Dominiczak
Mike Dominiczak
Tom Dominiczak
Greg Griesbach
Tim Holtz
Kyle Holtz
Steve Holtz
Brian Holz
Dave Holz
Mike Holz
Gregg Holz
Josh Holz
Rick Rohm
Ryan Rohm
Steve Van Camp
Bob Kuehnl
Blake Kuehnl
Greg Reed
Jerry Cismoski
Lee Brockman
Eric Brockman
Bob Oskey
Randy Roes
Joe Steffens
Steve Steffens
Tim Steffens
Dan Steffens
Jason Kust
John Cismoski
Eli Oskey
Katye Holz
Mark Cismoski
Luke Cismoski
Veron Steedge
Dillon Steedge
Kyle Steedge
Abbey Holtz
Addyson Adamski
John Hofacker
John Hanson
Bob Hofacker
Mark Hofacker