a true qdm hunt

This is the kind of experience we dream about all year long…and some of us are lucky enough to live it. Congratulations to Dan Steffens for bagging this great buck and capturing all of the excitement on film!

Check out the photo in the trophy room as well. This is a true QDM hunt!

5 thoughts on “a true qdm hunt

  1. Exciting footage…coolest part is when you said you’re happy. That’s why we do this!

  2. I hope other hunters see this video and take your advice – let the smaller one go and wait for the big boy. You never know when he will show up!

  3. Thanks a lot. I wish I could have gotten better video of the deer coming in. Normally I would have had my camera lined up with my bow sight, but I hadn’t done that yet. I’m glad that we have this website so I was able to share this footage with everyone.

    Good luck!

  4. Dan, awesome Buck! Congrats!! Thanks for sharing. Bill

  5. Sweet! Congrats on the deer. I like to see people pass on deer only to be rewarded for there efforts.

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